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Their positive energy is so contagious!

EXCITED is an understatement to describe how we feel about our upcoming Winter Music Festival. Our goal is to showcase premium performances with musical excellence. Students and teachers are currently pushing themselves to the limit to bring out the cream of the crop. We pursued more than 40 mini-performances and 2 Christmas concerts during the pandemic. Even during that season of difficulty, our passion did not dwindle. Our students didn’t want to stop learning. Our rehearsals of several ensembles and performances were conducted by our teachers: Verdy, Daniel, Monty, and Kristy. We are so proud of how hardworking and passionate both students and teachers are at Lily Monteverdi School of Music. Now that our society is almost back to normal, we are eyeing bigger concerts that would inspire and motivate anyone who is interested in music. This year’s Winter Music Festival and Year-End Concert will be held at the Sydney Conservatorium. This will set a standard for our students to do their best! We have more surprises in store for everyone this year and in the years to come!

Back to our orchestra and cello ensembles! Thank you to all our teachers, students, and parents for your support these years!

Background music - cello solo played by Verdy

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