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Presentation Ceremony - Ameb NSW 2020

Emma,-- passed AmusA with a high score of Distinction ( No more than 10 students get Distinction every year at NSW). She also granted PLC scholarship the same year 2019.

(photo of Diploma, Distinction certificate)

(Lily and Emma, at UNSW)

(Emma Performing on stage)

Alison Lin -- Granted Ascham School Scholarship at 2017.

"She deserve this with her great attitudes towards music, She is as awesome as her brother Richard Lin." - said Lily.

Jason -- "His unique way of expressing music had impressed me so much, using his soul to perform music, especially when playing music of Jonathan Sebastian Bach ( A German musician). This has to say he is interacting with the soul." Said Lily.

Rachel -- Bachlor degree of Piano at UNSW, Verdy's student, a very talented musician.

Missed her ceremony few years ago.

Here, Lily Monteverdi hope music is not end after high school, but a start point of your life, a milestone of your life and music will always be with you!

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