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It's Showtime! 2018 Annual Showcase

Our school loves to encourage our kids to perform all year round, but our annual showcase is always and event to look forward to. Amazing talent; amazing attire; amazing venue; it's hard not to get excited for such a spectacular evening each year.

Shining solos and exciting ensembles

Even as young as 4 years old, we encourage all our students to perform as much as possible, and where better than our very own showcase? We are always so proud and amazed at the excellence displayed each year and this year was no exception. We had a great program of over 80 solos ranging from the young ones' renditions of Hot Cross Buns to a full-fledged Chopin Waltz, and some awesome ensemble numbers led by our own teachers.

NB: a full gallery of photos from the day can be found under the "Gallery" tab of our website.

Some group highlights of the afternoon's program included our cello ensemble led by Verdy Guo performing Mission Impossible (arr. Verdy Guo):

and our senior flute quartet led by Gianna Cheung performing Badnierie:

Banks Music Awards for our high achievers

The Banks Music Awards recognise the achievements of students currently undertaking musical study and are awarded based on merit of musical achievement, active participation and effort. The awards are presented by David Coleman, a member of the Australian House of Representatives for Banks since 2013, and was also the appointed Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs by Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison on August 2018. Over 30 of our students were given a surprise when Mr Coleman appeared and presented them with awards at the end of our concert!

Dress to impress

Our students like to show off more than just talent in our showcases. While our ears get to enjoy the wonderful music played by each performer, our eyes get to feast on an array of fabulous frocks and snappy suits. Apparently our kids get so excited to dress up, many have picked out their outfits a year in advance! Of course looks aren't everything, but looking great can definitely make you feel great and give you a boost of confidence before hitting the stage. Check out some of the awesome outfits from the day:

Massive congratulations to all the students who performed, the wonderful teachers who have worked tirelessly around the clock to make it happen, and of course to our amazing principal, Lily Su - without her dedication, commitment and big heart, none of this would be possible. We can't wait to do it all again next year!

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